We want to be a part of your whole jewellery experience, from the first purchase to the cleaning and checking 20 years later. That is why at Suzy's Fine Jewellery we help protect your precious pieces from the affects of time and excessive wear with our range of repair and maintenance services.


Other than the traditional repair services, we are proud to offer our custom design and remodelling service.

  • Jewellery Repairs

    Suzy’s Fine Jewellery is here to take care of all of your jewellery repair needs. From resizing a ring to fixing a broken/damaged jewellery, our experienced jewellers will do it for you so that your jewellery looks as good as new. We assure you that your jewellery is safe with us as all the jewellery repairs are done in our premises. Need to get your precious jewellery repaired?

  • Batteries and Watchbands

    Whether your watch has a drained battery or its bands are worn out, the experienced watchmakers at Suzy’s Fine Jewellery can fix it so you can proudly wear it again. We can replace the old watch batteries with new, better quality ones and can also replace the watch bands to make it look just like it did when it was new or even change the watch bands according to your choice for a trendy new look.

  • Watch Repairs

    At Suzy’s Fine Jewellery, we understand the value of your dearest timepiece which is why we make sure to repair it for you so that you can enjoy wearing it. Have a watch that needs to be repaired? Get it to our professional watchmakers. Be it a loose second/minute’s hand, a broken watch glass, or even a damaged movement machine, they will carefully inspect it and fix it. We can repair almost all watches even the ones purchased from somewhere else.

  • Jewellery Cleaning

    Regular wear of a jewellery can make it look dull as a result of being exposed to dirt, chemicals, makeup products and other such particles. Over time, these particles get settled in the jewellery which is why it needs a thorough cleaning. Have a jewellery that needs to be cleaned? Get it to Suzy’s Fine Jewellery. We provide professional jewellery cleaning services to give your jewellery a new-like glow.